Pooing Sloths in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Ralph and a pooing sloth

Ralph and a pooing sloth

It’s not every day you see a sloth in the wild and its a pretty special day if you get to watch one poo. For fellow traveller Ralph, his relaxing walk along the beach near Puerto Viejo took a lucky turn when one of these strange looking, slow animals came down from its tree for a once a week toilet break. This little one attracted a small crowd but didn’t seem too phased as he dug his hole, did his business and filled it back over again.

This one lives just outside of town as you walk south along the beach. But sloths seem plentiful in this area and while I rode a bike between Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo, I spotted another in the tree along with a large group of noisy Howler Monkeys.

Walking the beAch, Puerton Viejo, Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca was once only accessible via a rough dirt track followed by a boat ride, now a paved road brings travellers and surfers to this laid back Caribbean beach town. It offers some great surf breaks just off the main beach including Costa Rica’s best break Salsa Brava, along with more surf breaks along the coast.

Zip lining, coffee tours, diving and bike tours are all on offer.

Hostel: Hostel Pagalú, one of the best hostel’s in Costa Rica, providing spacious rooms with everything that you want in a dorm, perfect kitchen, good communal area and free towels. It is only missing breakfast and staff that could be much more knowledgable on what to do. Dm US$12.

Sunset on the ocean at Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Sunset at Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Bike hire: US$5 per day

Zip lining: US$65

Shuttle to Bocas del Tor: US$25 including boat transfer

Note: when crossing the border, Panama immigration requires to see your booking to leave the country. They will ask and won’t let you in without it. You may also be asked to provide a bank statement showing a balance exceeding US$500.